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Canadian Spa: Quebec Plug and Play - 3 Person Hot Tub - 1.98m x 1.50m - Free Delivery and Install + Chemical Kit worth £120

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Get a great price on our quality Quebec Plug and Play - 3 Person Hot Tub - 1.98m x 1.50m - Free Delivery and Install + Chemical Kit worth £120, available online with Free UK Delivery | Buy Online Today

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Estimated Delivery: Friday, 5 Feb 2021
  • Quebec Plug & Play - 3 Person Hot Tub
  • Built Tough, Built to Last
  • 1.98m x 1.50m
  • 2 hydro massage seats
  • 1 hydro massage 'no float' lounger
  • 29 hydro-massage hurricane jets
  • Waterfall
  • 1 x 4HP Water Pump
  • Capacity 625 litres
  • 2.0 kw Balboa Heater
  • Premier LED Package
  • Aromatherapy System
  • 13 Amp Plug & Play (no need for electrical work - just plug and play!)
  • MP3 Audio system with 3.5 mm jack
  • Running cost - circa £1 a day
  • 2 Year On-Site Warranty
  • FREE Step Included
  • FREE Hard Top Safety Cover with locks included 
  • FREE Delivery & Install
  • FREE Chemical Kit Worth £120 



Quebec Plug & Play - 3 Person Hot Tub - 1.98m x 1.50m - Free Delivery and Install + Chemical Kit worth £120 

Ever since the Romans invented baths, people have enjoyed the indulgence and feeling of rejuvenation provided by a hot spa. Now you can enjoy what was once an occasional luxury everyday of the year in your own garden. 

Comfortably seating up to 3 people, the Quebec offers powerful therapeutic seats, along with subtler yet invigorating options. The lounger provides a full-body hydro-massage with jets targeting legs, calves, feet, back. This elegant model leads the way in innovative design and spa-therapy.

For the best built spas in the world with innovative design, quality assurance and precise engineering a Canadian spa ticks all the right boxes. Your private retreat is finally within reach. Our exclusive spas are designed to work efficiently to save you time, energy and money allowing you to enjoy your spa for pennies a day.

Efficient Design

It all starts with the shell, which is designed with a triple layer dura bond process with a timber reinforced frame to create the strongest shell in the world. Each spa is designed using support beams which support the cabinets under structure to form a seamless unified system.

Insulation is a key component in the Canadian spa company design. We use full foam insulation for maximum heat retention whilst lowering operating costs. Our thermal reclamation system ensures recycled heat from the motors can pass directly into the water.

Our innovative pump pushes water through your spa plumbing and out through your spa jets. It has been specifically adapted to boost performance in your spa system using over-sized piping around the intake to ensure a powerful massage using less energy. 

Canadian spas all come equipped with a 3Kw heater which works seamlessly with the tough insulation package to ensure your spa retains and gains heat quickly even in the harshest Canadian winters!

When not using your Canadian spa hot tub just put the UV protected cover into place to retain heat, lower operating costs and protect your investment from whatever the weather can throw at it. The tapered design allows for easy run off for rain and snow to protect your spa from pooling damage.

Pressure Points

All the spas incorporate a unique pressure point system, which delivers soothing water to specify points on the body. If you suffer from a sore neck or shoulders, many of our spas have a unique moulded neck support with recessed neck jets, which create a truly invigorating experience. Additionally, across all our spas, various types of jets allow you to massage different muscles with different water pressure. Air control means you can adjust the jets - form a soft gentle massage to a more vigorous work out. All spas have easily adjustable jets - the proven efficiency of this jet system assures you reliable performance that you will enjoy for years to come.

Self Clean Spa - using Canadian Spa ‘Mountain Pure™’ system

The ozonator is half of the mountain pure advanced auto filtration system. This feature provides the best in class water sanitation with minimal chemical usage. The ozonator purifies with ozone to provide a longer product lifecycle and contribute to a cleaner environment.  We uniquely use a Mazzi Slow flow ozone system to maximise exposure of the ozone to the water and increase effectiveness. The other half of the Mountain pure system is a semi permeable membrane filter. Our easy access reusable filters keep your water fresh and sparkling. When desired changing the water couldn’t be easier with a cabinet accessible drain valve, just unscrew and you’re good to go.

Unrivalled Comfort

For comfort look no further. Our seats are ergonomically designed to cradle the body and the high velocity jets create a highly customized hydrotherapy massage on demand. Each seat is contoured to the body’s natural posture and the jets are positioned to target specific muscle groups for maximum therapeutic results. In fact every jet can be opened or closed to accommodate your hydrotherapy preference. Directional jets can also be positioned to give you a personal massage in exactly the right place every time. 

Waterproof Sound System

The hot tub has 2 integrated slow rising waterproof retractable speakers and built-in high fidelity amplifier delivering high volume with clear acoustics which alongside the LED lighting set the mood for any event be it relaxing or partying.
The 3.5 mm AUX connection sockets compatible with iPhones, iPods and most MP3 players (standard headphone jack) and dedicated waterproof compartment mean that you can play all of your favourite songs without the fear of damaging your phone or MP3 Player.

Led Lighting

We have introduced an unrivalled lighting system so you can truly experience the effects of the northern lights right there in your spa. A powerful underwater led light coupled with perimeter lighting and cascading led waterfalls ensures that your night-time soak is as bright affair to remember. Total control over your hot tub features such as lighting, temperature and jets is all at your finger tips with a convenient top side control panel.


Plug & Play

Plug and play means that there is no additional electrical installation required to set up your spa. 

These hot tubs plug into a normal wall socket to offer customers an 'easy-to-install' solution without the need for an electrician. Attached to the plug is an included RCD to protect the spa and the electrical circuit.

Be sure that the spa is the only load on the circuit when plugged in.


Spa Health Benefits

Relieve Stress and Pain

The massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process of aches and pains. Warm, swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest, giving you a better nights sleep by refreshing your body and mind to tackle the next day.


Painful or inflammed joints can cause muscles to tense in an effort to protect them. Warm water and hydrotherapy help relax the muscles and allow a greater range of motion in the joints. Pain is often reduced even after leaving the spa.


When submerged in water your body is about 1/10 its normal weight. buoyancy is a key element of relaxation and stress relief. it helps overcome the effects of gravity and relieves stress on the joints.


Exercising can cause microscopic tears in the muscle and lactic acid build up. The warm massaging action of spa will accelerate the healing process allowing lactic acid to be carried away from the muscles. As muscles relax and pain eases you move more easily.


Warm water reduces tension and allows you to rest and get a better nights slepp. Sleep deepens as body temperature drops. Experts recommend that people who suffer from sleeplessness soak in a spat at 36ºC to 40ºC (97ºF to 104ºF) for 15 mins before bedtime.

Pain Relief

Endorphins are natural painkiller for the body. Warm water stimulates their release When the body is in warm water, blood vessels near the skin relax.

Features to look for when choosing a new spa

  • Multi-level seating - different jets provide a new spa experience in each position.
  • Body contoured lounger shaped for comfort and support so you can lay down and really relax.
  • Powerful water pumps ranging from 2HP to 10HP.
  • Electronic control pad - for controlling temperature, filter cycles, water jets, air jets and lights.
  • Heater to keep your spa at a constant 40ºC (104ºF).
  • Hard top tapered cover with 8 straps, 6 handles and a fully hinged steam seal. Cover is custom fit to minimise operating costs and maintain maximum safety.
  • Ozone cleaning system. An ultraviolet light system acts to automatically ozonate the water at regular intervals, which disinfects and kills bacteria in the water.
  • Interactive jets can be easily manipulated to blow heated air and heated water in varying combinations for different effects of massage.
  • Aromatherapy unit. Built in unit as part of the hot air blower system or on its own to capture the power of scent to enhance relaxation and improve your overall state of mind.
  • Steps for easy access to the Spa.
  • LED light with changeable blue/red/green LED's to create the mood of your choice.
  • Chemical kit to keep water clean and fresh.
  • Integrated waterproof sound system compatible with iPhones, iPods and most MP3 players.

  • Capacity : 625 litres
  • Depth: 1.50m
  • Filter: 50 sq ft slip filter
  • Heater: 2.0 kw Balboa Heater
  • Height: 0.80m
  • Hydro Massage Hurricane Jets: 29
  • Lighting: Premium LED Lighting Package
  • Music System: MP3 Audio System with 3.5mm Jack
  • Packaged Weight: 300kg
  • Running Cost: Circa £1 per day
  • Seats: 2 Hydro Massage Seats - 1 hydro massage ‘no float’ lounger
  • Socket Required: 13 Amp Plug (Normal Wall Socket)
  • Water Pump: 1 x 4HP
  • Width: 1.98m


Typically 2 weeks lead time. Delivery is free to UK Mainland with Free Installation.

For delivery to Isle's we ask that you cover the cost of ferries etc to location. Please call for quote.

If in doubt about anything below please call us to discuss your needs.

Choose Your Location

When thinking about where to position your spa you should consider:

  • The view from the house to the spa, and the view from the spa itself.
  • Ensure quick and easy access from your house to the spa.
  • Direction of drainage. Water should always drain away  from the spa. Do not locate your spa in a low run-off area - rainwater could flood the area and equipment damage.
  • If you are installing the spa within a deck the entire spa base must be sitting directly on the prepared base. The lip of the base must not be supporting any weight.
  • The minimum clearance for entry to the spa's access panel for servicing is 1 meter or 39 inches.
  • The spa should not be located near or under overhead wires and must be kept clear of all electrical appliances.

Planning Permission

Under normal circumstances planning permission is not required but we recommend consulting your local planning office prior to purchase.

Pre-Delivery Preparation

  • The site you select for your spa must be a flat, level continuous surface that contacts the bottom of your fully.
  • Spas weigh between 900kg and 1,900kg when full, so a solid support is essential. A 10-15cm (4"-6") thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal but not a requirement. In most cases your spa can be placed on a properly fitted existing patio. Your spa can be mounted on a deck, but it must be of solid construction. Either way its is recommended you install your spa at ground level to allow easy internal access.
  • The base needs to be at least the same size as the footprint of your spa. Check individual spa measurements for details.
  • The power supply must be a dedicated RCD protected circuit. You will need to get a qualified electrician to undertake this work (check spa for AMP requirement).
  • Plug and play models plug directly into a 13Amp/230V outlet.

Delivery And Access

The spa will arrive as a one unit and must not be dismantled until it has been positioned in your exact location. You will need to have sufficient clearance for the spa to be rolled into place on a trolley, either on its side or on its base. (See measurements for each spa.)

Chemical Maintenance Spa Company Crib Sheet - will all be explained during your install but may be useful to print off for later use

  1. Initial Fill

    1. Scale Control – 4 Caps

    2. Chlorine – 4 Tea Spoons

  2. Weekly

    1. Scale Control – 2 Caps

    2. SPA Cleaner – 2 Caps

  3. When Needed

    1. Foam Free – 3-5 drops on area when needed

    2. SPA Shock – 4 caps overnight to clean water – 12 hours (if does not work will need to empty and re-fill)

  4. Test Strips

    1. Test Every Couple of days

    2. Alkaline Boost – 1 Cap Per Square Low

    3. PH – UP & Down 1 Cap Per Square

    4. Chlorine – Circa 1 Person in the tub = 1 Tea Spoon of Chlorine

Lisa Bolt, Apr 11, 2019

Delivery driver was extremely helpful. The pixie playhouse is beautiful BUT absolute nightmare to build.

Jez John, Feb 21, 2019

Outstanding quality for the price. Everything MM perfect fit, flawless. ;-)

Kim Snowball, Dec 12, 2018

Excellent product. The experienced shed builder found the instructions somewhat lacking, particularly in relation to the roof. However it looks good and is waterproof. After sales service was both good and not so good. Sid was good. As was the presales representative Natalie.

Leila Tedman, Nov 23, 2018

I visited the premises to see the sheds and quality of the product before making a decision. The company were able to make a pent shed to the specific size I wanted. Adam was very helpful and knowledgeable about the sheds they sell. My bespoke shed was delivered and erected - thanks Jamie and helper - 9 days later. Great service and product. I can recommend them.

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