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Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes and to suit a wide variety of budgets. Designs vary considerably, with the simplest models generally being the cheapest. When it comes to roof design, however, there are only two main designs to choose from: apex and pent. So what are the benefits of purchasing an apex log cabin?

What is an Apex Roof?

A log cabin with an apex roof is a familiar site in many people’s homes - although you may not be aware it is called an apex roof. It is a simple, timeless, triangular design with two sloping panels that meet in the middle. Typically the door on an apex log cabin will be positioned under the highest point of the apex, so when you enter you don’t have to duck your head.

An apex roof is designed to offer extra height in a log cabin whilst allowing for reliable water run-off. You get to enjoy lots of headroom while using your log cabin, without having to worry about water collecting on the roof and causing damage to the underlying timber structure. This makes an apex log cabin a strong, durable, and attractive design.

Advantages of an Apex Design Log Cabin

Apex log cabins are highly versatile. This type of design is used in almost all types of log cabins, ranging from budget tool storage sheds through to top of the range home offices.

Log cabins with an apex roof look great anywhere in the garden. The larger the log cabin, the more likely you are to want to show it off. Traditional apex log cabins are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This style of log cabin can easily be located in the middle of a garden, in full view of the house, and it won’t be an eyesore.

If you have plans to construct an attractive summer house in your garden, look at log cabins with apex roofs. This style of building is well suited to an apex roof because of the extra headroom. You can use it for relaxing in or even entertaining guests, without worrying about tall guests hitting their heads on the ceiling.

Log cabins make excellent home offices. As long as you choose a log cabin with a decent wall thickness (44mm is a good choice), you will end up with a warm, comfortable space to work and relax in. An apex roof design is a good choice for a home office. You will have full head height in all areas of the building, so space won’t be an issue.

Apex roofs are a good design for cheaper log cabins used for storage purposes. Because an apex log cabin gives you lots of headroom, there is plenty of scope for storing tools and other garden equipment around the walls of the shed. The extra height is also useful if you have larger equipment such as bicycles to store. Unlike a pent log cabin design, there is plenty of height in all areas of the structure, so you can organise your equipment any way you like without being constrained by a lack of headroom.

Apex Verandas

A veranda is an optional feature included in many summerhouse and home office log cabin design. If the log cabin has an apex roof, the roof extends out over the front of the building to create a sheltered veranda. It’s a really nice addition and ideal if you want to spend more time outdoors, away from the glare of the full sun. Verandas also provide shelter from the rain if you want to sit outdoors without getting wet.

Decorate your veranda with pots full of colourful plants, or fix some pretty hanging baskets to the overhang. However, do remember to water your plants regularly as they might not get enough rain due to the sheltered aspect.

Disadvantages of an Apex Design Log Cabin

There are no real disadvantages of a log cabin with an apex roof, but if you want a cabin that tucks away neatly against a shed, you may be better off with a pent roof log cabin. These fit well next to boundary fences and if care is taken when installing the gutters, rainwater can be directed into a convenient drain along the edge of your garden.

Ultimately, whether you opt for an apex roof design or not will come down to personal preference. An apex log cabin may feel more traditional to some people, and if you want a cutting edge design there are certainly other roof designs out there. But whatever your preference, think carefully about how you intend to use your log cabin before you buy, as this will help to ensure you end up with the right product for your individual requirements.

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