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We have a large range of Garage log cabins perfect for you if you have home which doesn’t have a garage. Due to its extra-large opening door/s you should be able to fit your car inside with ease. You may even have some room left for storage. The garages also include an extra side access door which could be extremely handy and may provide access to your rear garden if positioned that way.

The doors provided as standard are double opening doors. If you require an alternative styled door such as an ‘up and over’ or ‘roll over’ door, we may be able to provide this, so don’t hesitate and call us for a quote.

The Garages do not include a floor as standard so you will need to ensure the Garage is situated onto a solid, level concreted area. If you don’t currently have a concreted area, don’t panic. We have a team of installers with over 25 years’ experience available to prepare this for you. Please call us for your quote or more information regarding this. If you would prefer a floor to your cabin, we are able to offer a floor as an extra. Please call us for more information if you would be interested in this.

Our Garage cabins are available in different wall thicknesses such as 34mm, 44mm or 70mm. This choice is made dependant on what you require the cabin for. With its tongue and groove walls, joints and wind tight chalet connections, you can be sure you have a strong, sturdy building to use for what you require. The additional side door and windows are available in single glazing or double glazing. This decision would be purely based on personal preference.

If you are purchasing a Garage Cabin and intend on installing the building yourself, you will receive a full instruction manual and fixing kit. You will just need some tools, a spirit level and possibly a pencil. All Garage log cabins will include the door handles, window handles and cylinder lock.

Don’t miss out on selected cabins we have available which include a FREE installation service. This is definitely an offer not to miss out on.
Garages Log Cabins

Tongue and groove log cabins can be used for all manner of things. Many people use their log cabin as a summer house or for extra living space; others buy a log cabin for the kids to play in. One use you may not have considered, however, is as a garage.

Car ownership is very widespread in the UK, particularly in rural areas, and most families have at least one car. It’s not uncommon to leave a car parked on a driveway or street overnight because although a lot of homes have garages, they tend to be used as a storage area rather than a place to park a vehicle. If you don’t have a garage, or the garage you do have is full to the brim with rubbish, you won’t have much choice but to use off-road parking or leave your vehicle on the drive. However, if you have enough room, a large log cabin could be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of a Log Cabin Garage

Log cabins can be sited anywhere, but since a log cabin garage does not come with an integral floor, you will need to construct a concrete base. The beauty of this approach is that you can locate your new garage anywhere on the plot (subject to planning permission of course). It doesn’t necessarily need to be built next to the house, although from an access perspective, this might suit a lot of people. Instead, you could opt to build a log cabin garage some distance from your home, or even in an entirely separate location. You could even move the structure at some point in the future, if required, since it is not fixed to a foundation in the same way as a brick or block built garage is.

Log cabin garages are a lot cheaper to construct than a brick or block built garage would be. You do need to construct a concrete base, but this is something any reasonably skilled DIY enthusiast can manage. Alternatively, we can provide this extra service for a very reasonable cost. Because a log cabin garage is a lot cheaper, you can afford to scale up to a larger structure, which if you have more than one car, or several motorcycles, makes a lot of sense.

Log Cabin Garage Security

Security is an issue with any garage, particularly if it is located some distance away from the main residence. No garage can be 100% secure because a truly determined thief will always find their way in. However, a good quality alarm system should deter most thieves, and those who are not deterred will find it a lot harder to break in if you fit heavy duty locks on doors and windows.

Security lighting is essential for garage log cabins, since you will probably need to access your garage at night. Some lights need to be hard-wired into the mains circuit but others are solar powered. A movement sensor light is a good choice, as this type of light only activates when a person walking nearby triggers the sensor.

Garage Doors and Windows

Most of our garages come with double opening doors, which can be reinforced with heavy duty lock and even metal sheets if required. However, if preferred, an up and over door, electric or otherwise, can be fitted instead. Some of our garages also have side doors. These are useful if you need extra access to the garage. For example, if you intend on using the garage for storage purposes, you could partition off a section at the back (or side) of the garage and use this as a utility or storage shed.

Garage doors can be glazed or un-glazed. Glazed is good in that it lets in plenty of light. Single glazed or double glazed is a personal choice – double glazing is more secure and offers better insulation from heat and cold, but if you don’t anticipate storing anything of value in your garage, or you won’t be spending much time in there during winter, single glazed windows and doors will be perfectly fine.

Before you invest in a log cabin garage think carefully about how much space you actually need. If budget is a major factor in the buying decision, consider opting for a smaller garage with thicker walls. That way you will be able to use the building for more of the year.

If you have any questions about any of our products, get in touch today – our customer service team is waiting for your call!


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