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Schools are coming under increasing pressure to find places for more kids than they can realistically accommodate. Classrooms are often full to the brim and with no extra money in the budget to expand existing buildings, many schools are forced to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative solutions to deal with the lack of functional teaching space.

Log cabins are an affordable solution for schools with a space problem. Log cabins can be erected anywhere on site as long as a suitable concrete base has been constructed first. The cost of building a log cabin will be significantly less than the cost of constructing a bricks and mortar classroom building, so it is a good solution for a school with insufficient funds available to finance a building project.

The Dangers of Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are frequently used as breakout classrooms. Designed as a temporary solution, prefabricated modular buildings tend to develop structural problems over time, including leaks and cracks in the walls. Thanks to plastic fixtures and fittings, vinyl walls, and new paint finishes, they can also be noisy and hazardous to kids’ health.

A study carried out in the U.S. found that modular classroom buildings posed many serious health risks to children. Researchers analysed dust particles collected from inside classrooms. They found that the air contained higher than normal levels of pollen, CO2, formaldehyde, heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides and mould. They also found that noise levels were significantly higher in this type of temporary classroom.

The Benefits of Log Cabin Classrooms

Wooden buildings are a lot more environmentally friendly than other types of modular building. Wood is a natural material with excellent noise reduction properties. Our larger log cabins with 70mm walls are perfect for use all year round. Kids will be warm and safe inside a well constructed log cabin. The walls are well insulated and if you opt for double-glazed windows with toughened safety glass, your classroom will have plenty of light. Log cabins don’t just make excellent classrooms for space-strapped schools; they can also fulfil a variety of other purposes within the education system. 

Log Cabin Changing Rooms

If your school needs extra changing rooms for the sports hall, gym or swimming pool, a large, spacious log cabin could be the perfect solution. Choose a log cabin with thicker walls and the kids will be warm and cosy all year round. Log cabins can be sited anywhere as long as there is a suitable concrete foundation, so why not construct your log cabin adjacent to a sports field and use it as a club room also? Kids, staff and parents can take refuge from the bad weather on colder days and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack indoors.

Log Cabin Clubhouse for Sports Teams

Log cabins are ideal for kids’ sports clubs. Instead of making do with an outdated building that may even be unsafe, invest in a new log cabin with thick tongue and groove walls, double glazed windows and double doors for the summer months. Kids and parents will find the new clubhouse a lot more appealing, plus it will be more secure.

Log Cabin Pre-School Buildings

Lots of pre-schools struggle to find suitable facilities for their children. Older church buildings and community halls may not be suitable for very young children because they are cold in the winter. Log cabins are ideal for many reasons: thanks to a high level of insulation in cabins with 70mm walls, log cabins are warm and toasty all year round, and therefore perfect for busy pre-schools. A log cabin is a lot more affordable to pre-schools with limited funds to spend.

Some of our log cabins can be installed for free, so schools, sports clubs and pre-schools don’t have to worry about hiring professionals to erect the building. We can even take care of the foundations for you, so that’s another weight off your mind.

Since log cabins come in many different styles and size, there is bound to be a log cabin that fits the requirements of your school, pre-school or sports club. If you only need to provide space for a few children, a smaller log cabin will fit the bill, but if you need extra classrooms, check out our Discovery Premier chalet-style log cabins.

We recognise that it isn’t easy choosing the right log cabin for a school environment, so if you need some assistance in finding a suitable product or you have any other questions, give our friendly customer service team a call today.


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